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At present, ethnically Turkish northern Cyprus makes up about 36 percent of the island. Under any peace agreement that is likely to be accepted by both sides, Turkish Cypriots could potentially retain control of 25 to 29 percent of the island as their part of a new federation, according to Ker-Lindsay. Related is the right of return: Many Greek and Turkish Cypriots were forced from their homes due to fighting between and and would like to go back.

This would be a relatively easy process in some cases where territory currently under Turkish Cypriot control is returned to Greek Cypriots. It would be much more difficult in territory that would remain under Turkish Cypriot control, where a solution to these cases would need to be found. And undoubtedly some Cypriots will not want to return to their former homes.

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Luckily, the current Turkish government supports peace talks, although the prickliest issues for Turkey have yet to arise. Akinci has attempted to break with his predecessors and establish a more balanced relationship with Ankara. The U. All have expressed support for the peace talks, and the U. And while the U. But the U. A reunited Cyprus will have to function as an EU member—the Republic of Cyprus currently is—which necessitates a key role for Brussels at the negotiating table. Though talks are going well and both leaders seem committed to peace, it is less certain that the general public is.

A peace plan was agreed upon in , and in twin referendums, 65 percent of Turkish Cypriots accepted the deal, but 76 percent of Greek Cypriots rejected it.

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Special Advisor on Cyprus Alexander Downer. Property rights became the first issue to be.

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Although the meeting was described as positive, low-key, and business-like, a controversy arose. Secretary-General Ban. Security Council resolutions on Cyprus , and suggesting that a final agreement could be. The first part of the controversy involved criticism from several of. Christofias, had expressed concern over references to the end of as an unofficial deadline to. General, especially with regard to previous U. Security Council resolutions, some of which did. While Eroglu was trying to clarify.

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Cypriot leadership seem to question whether Eroglu was trying to redefine the basis under which. In September, in. He apparently. On October 21, , U. Secretary-General Ban apparently called both Christofias and Eroglu. General in an attempt by the U.

Although Ban suggested after. Turkey in mind, expressed concern that the critical window of opportunity for a settlement was.

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It was reported that. Greek Cypriots were apparently split Although assessments of the negotiations appeared to be growing more pessimistic, additional. While both sides continued to talk and continued to pledge to work to. On January 28, , Christofias and Eroglu traveled to Geneva to meet for a second time with.

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Secretary-General Ban in what appeared to be another inconclusive attempt by the U. Security Council. In mid-April the Republic of Cyprus entered into a parliamentary election period that. The outcome of the elections did not seem to suggest that the negotiating. Although opposition to what was perceived to be. Similarly, in national. The U. This would be followed by plans to hold referenda on a final solution in both the north. The hope among some was that by intensifying the negotiations.

Just prior to the talks with Ban, U. Special Envoy for Cyprus Alexander Downer called the previous three months disappointing and.


Almost immediately after the two leaders returned to Cyprus from their meeting with the. Secretary-General, hopes for speedy and productive negotiations to reach a final solution began to. On July 11 a major explosion of old munitions stored at the Greek Cypriot naval base in Mari.

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Adding a measure of insult to injury for some,. President Christofias became the target of public. Fighting off public discontent over the explosion, Christofias was confronted. Christofias without a majority in parliament, which instantly made it much more difficult for him. Christofias refused to. Prime Minister Ergodan seemed to have hardened his views when he suggested that a negotiated. Ankara would freeze its relations with the EU because it could not work with a presidency that it.

A third issue that had cast doubt over the future success of the negotiations arose during the. Texas would begin exploring for natural gas off the southern coast of the island that the Republic. In , the Republic of Cyprus. Despite the protests. Doubts about the prospects of a solution acceptable to both sides were also raised with the release.

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The poll,. The results of the. The poll also found that society on both sides needed to. Several of the issues mentioned above served to raise tensions between President Christofias and. It also. However, reaching a negotiated settlement by the end of October, when Christofias and Eroglu. Although Christofias and Eroglu continued the negotiation process throughout , the talks. By the fall. As ended,. Many felt that unless there was a major breakthrough in the. Even the potential gains the entire island could.