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6 Signs You're His Girlfriend, Or He Wants You To Be Soon

View this post on Instagram. NDTV Beeps - your daily newsletter. Ted worries about finding a date for his friends Claudia and Stuart 's black-tie wedding. When Robin announces that she and her boyfriend, Derek , have broken up, Ted decides to invite her to the wedding and she accepts.

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But when Ted runs into Claudia two days before the wedding and mentions that he is bringing a date, Claudia tells him that he did not check that he was bringing a guest on his RSVP card and she forbids him from bringing a date. Ted tries to tell Robin that he will not be able to take her to the wedding, but he chickens out when he sees Robin in the dress that she bought specially for the wedding.

When he tells Lily his problem, Lily suggests that Ted ask Stuart if he can bring a date.

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Stuart says that, of course, Ted can bring a date. Ted is excited that he and Robin will have a romantic evening that might lead to their getting together until Claudia calls to say that the wedding has been canceled. Apparently Stuart telling Claudia that he said that Ted could bring a date led to a huge argument and the couple broke up.

Concerned about their friend and not wanting to disappoint Robin, who is really looking forward to the wedding, Marshall and Ted go to talk to Stuart and Lily goes to comfort Claudia at MacLaren's. Stuart tells Ted and Marshall that he realized that he missed being single. Ted tries to assure Stuart that everyone has doubts about commitment, but those doubts shouldn't keep him from getting married.


But when Ted asks Marshall to back him up, Marshall tells Stuart that he shouldn't get married, that if making a commitment to Claudia wasn't easy then she isn't the one for Stuart. At MacLaren's Barney finds Claudia who is waiting for Lily and offers her fake sympathy and a lot of alcohol, trying to sleep with her.

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Because of Marshall's words, Stuart apologizes to Claudia and the couple gets back together.