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Not Now. Ellie, blaming Ebony for Jack's capture, attempts to kill her and is sent away to a labour camp. The Technos seem to want to bring progress and order to the city. However, in secret, their leader, Ram , is experimenting a new virtual game on people with the help of Jay's brother, Ved. Ved starts a relationship with Mall Rat Cloe but when she tells him she is pregnant, he immediately dumps her. Amber becomes unwillingly addicted to the game and realises the Technos must be stopped. She asks an initially reluctant Cloe to get information from Ved, but Cloe later agrees, getting Ved drunk and taking advantage of him by receiving the password for his computer.

Ebony reluctantly agrees to marry Ram, but ends up betraying him and escapes the city with Jay, who has come to realise what Ram's real plans are. Cloe becomes addicted to reality space and whilst playing the game, vanishes. Ved is distraught as he actually loved her. He fights Ram in reality space to get her back but loses and is later deleted.

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The Mall Rats succeed in defeating Ram by imprisoning him in virtual reality, with the help of Ram's lieutenant, Mega. In Series 5, Mega becomes the new leader of the Technos. He has plans to take over the city and is helped by Java , who manipulates Ebony's mind with virtual reality. Ebony, believing Zoot has come back, with her sisters, Java and Siva , create a new tribe, the Zootists , and take control of the outside of the city. The Mall Rats try to find out what happened to all of their friends who disappeared when the Technos invaded, and Amber is distraught to learn Bray was deleted.

Lex, meanwhile, desperately searches for Tai-San. Drifter Slade rescues Ram and brings him to the country town of Liberty. He hopes Ram will be able to help him defeat Mega. Jack is released and comes back to the Mall, where everyone is trying to adjust to Mega's new rules.

Every citizen must take part in the work labour done for the city and be branded with a barcode in order to be identified. Jack and Ellie are reunited. Amber and Jay start having doubts about Mega's intentions when he threatens her son, Bray Jr. They secretly conspire against him, with the help of Ellie and Jack, who volunteers to go work with Mega.

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Ebony realises Java is manipulating her and leaves the Zootists. She joins Slade in Liberty and helps with the rebellion. Jack steals information from Mega's computer and flees to Liberty where, with the help of Ram, he disables the city's security. The rebels attack the City and Mega is captured.

Ram takes control of Mega's computer and installs his own artificial program. However, the program becomes uncontrollable and threatens to release a new deadly virus on the city. Mega dies while trying to stop the program but is unsuccessful and the Mall Rats inform everyone they must evacuate the city. The Mall Rats escape on a boat while the virus spreads throughout the city.

After a virus kills all of the adults, the world turns into chaos and the children left behind start to form tribes as a means to survival. Some tribes only seek to have power, while other tribes aim to create a new peaceful world. Each tribe has its own specific clothes or make-up which help them to differentiate themselves from other tribes.

The series mainly focuses on the life of the Mall Rats. Having already worked with writer Harry Duffin on several occasions, Thompson contacted him in November to work with him on further developing of the new TV series for Cloud 9.

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They then commissioned and recruited a team of ten writers to adapt the storylines and by July the first four scripts of The Tribe were finished. Pre-production for Series 1 started in June and filming began in August Principal photography was completed in March [11] [12] and the first episode premiered on Channel 5 on 24 April The cast and crew amounted to between and people on each series of The Tribe. Filming of each series took about four to six months. This huge structure took five weeks to build prior to the commencement of principal photography and was said to be the largest set built for a production in New Zealand at the time.

Studio B housed the sewers that the Mall Rats use to secretly escape the Mall, as well as temporary structures that were built for scenes outside the Mall or in other parts. The Mall set was repainted and dressed accordingly to use on another Cloud 9 production that was filmed at the same time, Atlantis High. The Tribe was also shot on location in and around Wellington. Many of the actors had also worked with Raymond Thompson on other Cloud 9 productions before they auditioned for The Tribe.

The majority of the actors cast in series 1 were still in school and were tutored between scenes at Cloud 9's production centre. Pre-production for Series 6 started in September [21] and a script for a Tribe movie was written and put on the market.