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Downtown Las Vegas

That's just how it is, and I'm afraid there's really no way around it! However, don't stress out — there ARE hotels in Las Vegas that will rent a room to you if you're Check out these hotels, which only require you to be 18 in order to make a reservation and check in:. Read TripAdvisor reviews here Book here! You'll need to either catch a bus or an Uber to get to the Strip, though, as it's not really within walking distance.

If you're spending a bit of time in Vegas and want to get the most bang for your buck, I recommend checking out the Las Vegas Explorer Pass , which can save you money on multiple attractions. You can choose 3, 5, or 7 Vegas attractions from a list of more than 45 and save up to half off the normal ticketed price.

Las Vegas - 20 years ago | Flickr

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Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas captured the fading myth of the rebel writer

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Glad you had a great trip! I often visit Vegas without drinking or gambling — I can attest to the fact that it CAN be done — now if you said without eating…. We were just in Vegas and had a great time. I would also suggest hitting the Jean Phillipe Patisserie at the Bellagio for some delectable sweets:. One thing in vegas that you will not find is any clocks so make sure you wear a watch!

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Another thing you will not find is a smoke free environment, there are only a few small casinos that have banned smoking. Good point on the smoking — there definitely is a lot of that everywhere in Vegas. Vegas is the place that visit over and over each year. And thanks for the heads up on the prostitution — someone told me that it was legal! I was never very gung-ho about visiting Vegas, either, so I was surprised that I enjoyed it so much. A friend of mine the one who hates Vegas went to the Neon Museum and really liked it.

But it would still be cool to visit. I went to Vegas when I was What really convinced me to go to Vegas was hearing coworkers and friends talk about going, and how there were other things to do there. I actually found walking through the hotels and casinos themselves to be interesting and a lot of fun. But yes, definitely bring a good pair of walking shoes.

I love your gambling budget. I thought walking through the hotels was really fun, too! Just walking down the strip at night, there were loads of different shows to watch, from the Bellagio Fountains to the Treasure Island pirate show and the Mirage volcano.

Robert Urich is Money in 'Vega$'

A very versatile place for friends, couples and families alike. Yes, there really is plenty to do for free or very cheap. Great post! My wife and I drive to Las Vegas from Phoenix several times a year. Although we do drink and gamble in moderation, we stick to a modest budget and do most of our indulging a few blocks off the Strip, where the food and drinks are cheaper and the table minimums are lower.

Las Vegas can be a fun, inexpensive destination, if you want it to be. I forgot about the TI pirate show! Thanks for the feedback though, Kate!

1. Treasure Island Pool (or any pool with no age restrictions)

Love the booze and cigars though…. My cousin moved to Las Vegas last year and was telling me a lot about all the amazing things to do there. I definitely want to visit soon!

Las Vegas hotels for when you're under 21

Most of our visits to Vegas are sans booze and gambling. We just like to watch the shows and over-eating at the buffets. Great recommendations! I think Fremont street is absolutely one of the best attractions for those who think Las Vegas might not be their cup of tea. Thanks John!

This is one of my favourate places in the world, I have been and I ususally do end up getting drunk and stumbling around clubs but I am going later this year for longer than normal and planning on doing some looking around and relaxing too which are not things you might associate with vegas but I am sure it will be a refreshing change!

I last went to Vegas when I was 12 with my dad. So much has changed since then. I would love to go on any of the rooftop rides, but I have a feeling I would chicken out when I got up there! The rides on the Stratosphere roof look terrifying! Great list! We visit family in Vegas often so, the gambling does get old for us, too.

Last year we did a fun challenge; we went to every casino in one day. At each stop we bought 2 Chips. Very fun to see all the interiors and compare their betting chips.

Vegas Season 1 Episode 04

We got a great pile of souvieneers! During various trips to Vegas, our family has stayed at the MGM, which has a wonderful lazy river—rent an inner tube or just swim along with the current, as well as an adults-only pool area.

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The Mandalay Bay has a number of swimming options, including a wave pool, and the Luxor hotel has a five-acre pool complex made up of four separate pools. Very good tip about the pools, Juna! I think a lot of the hotels will let in non-guests for a fee. And I can personally attest to this. Not to mention the shopping is fantastic.

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Glad you had fun! Thanks for the input, Riley! I definitely want to zip line and see the Bodies exhibit at the Luxor. There are a lot of things to do in Vegas beside gambling. Going to a show is one of them. Been to The Dream at the Wynn and it was outstanding. You can also find a lot of good restaurants in Vegas.